About Us

Fatuzzo Books is a Web site highlighting the books and articles written by Carol L. Fatuzzo (CEO of New Horizons Business Ventures, Inc.), Ennio Fatuzzo (CEO of EF Management Associates, Inc.) and Giacomo Fatuzzo (an Italian General and the father of Ennio Fatuzzo, now deceased). It also provides a Digital Store where the Fatuzzos’ articles can be purchased and downloaded. The Fatuzzos’ books may be purchased from amazon.com.

New Horizons Business Ventures, Inc. (NHBV) is a specialized, research and development (R&D) focused, management consulting company which offers customized services, training, and management consulting to product based enterprises operating in disruptive environments. NHBV is also known as “nhbventures.”

EF Management Associates, Inc. (EFMA) is an executive education and business consulting resource helping companies survive and achieve subsequent business turnaround in performance when external forces such as economic downturns or disruptive competitive pressures threaten their existence.

Together we, Carol and Ennio Fatuzzo, have developed this blog to express our views about what we believe is important for business success in today’s chaotic world and to explore the role of new technologies in the future of business and humanity. And occasionally we add our thoughts on other subjects.

We welcome your comments and ideas.

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