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An Introduction

Can you buy a mechanical typewriter or a vacuum tube radio today? Why not? And what happened to Olivetti and RCA, the companies that manufactured those products? Do you even know anything about them? What about companies that exist today? Will they be around next month or next year?

Owners of businesses (big and small) still are filing for bankruptcy at a high rate even though the recession is “officially” over and there are (literally) thousands of books teaching strategic and business planning and a few on how to survive the recession. With a somewhat improving economy and so much advice available, why are there still so many business failures? Of course, some of the failures are a result of management incompetence, but what about the others? These are companies that have been managed for years with a fair degree of competency but are in serious difficulties because the economic and competitive landscape around them has changed drastically, nullifying previously successful business strategies.

Why do so few of these companies survive? What should management do when its company is caught in these situations? How can management use a changing business environment to its company’s advantage? These are some of the key questions that we will be addressing. Stay tuned.

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