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Just Released: A Novel – “Two Souls in the Sun” by Giacomo Fatuzzo



In our newest published book, Two Souls in the Sun: A Twisted Love Story, the author, Giacomo Fatuzzo, explores obsessive love and the effect of isolation on the mind. This novel is a beautifully described journey in a strange and foreign land in a forgotten time.

Written by Giacomo Fatuzzo almost 100 years ago, this is the story of a lonely young soldier, alone in a vast desert, and his love for a young, beautiful and exotic woman, Keria. But as their love turns sour, the young soldier descends into the depths of madness and obsession.

This book is more than a tragic love story. It is about the toll isolation takes on the human mind and spirit and the dark and deadly twists of an obsessive romance gone wrong. The saga is exquisitely presented by Giacomo, but he leaves it up to the audience to decide where the line exists between reality, fantasy and horror. And he forces the reader to grapple with the question, “Where is the line between love and hate?”



Two Souls in the Sun: A Twisted Love Story by Giacomo Fatuzzo.

“Two Souls in the Sun” is a novel drawn from the experiences of Giacomo Fatuzzo, while he was a young officer stationed at a military post in Italy’s colony of Libya in the 1920s. It was originally published in Italian, in Libya, in 1929 with the title Due anime nel sole. But then it was lost in the sands of war and time for decades.

An old copy of this soul wrenching work of art was recently found by Giacomo’s granddaughter, and now has been translated into English by Giacomo’s only son, Ennio Fatuzzo. This newly published translation gives readers the opportunity to be transported to the wild and enticing Libyan dessert of the past. But it also challenges readers to look at the young soldier through modern eyes and consider the price paid by both the mind and body during isolation from one’s family and culture – an issue very relevant in today’s uncertain world.


Giacomo Fatuzzo was born in Vittoria, Sicily in 1900. After graduating from the Italian Military Academy of Modena, he joined the Italian Army and became a career military officer. His long and distinguished military career culminated with his appointment as General of the Italian Army Corp. As an author, General Fatuzzo wrote and published a number of articles and books, including his best-selling memoir “Storia della <Julia> nella Campagna di Grecia.” This book was recently translated into English and published by Fatuzzo Books with the title “The Death of the Julia Division (available from amazon.com). General Fatuzzo died in Albisola Marina, Italy in 1975.

Giacomo’s only son, Dr. Ennio Fatuzzo, has revived Giacomo’s early novel in order to share with today’s readers this timeless quest to understand love, identity, and the soul itself.


Two Souls in the Sun: A Twisted Love Story


Two Souls in the Sun is available in both paperback and Kindle formats from amazon.com.

For additional information about this novel, Giacomo’s memoir, and books and articles by Carol L. and Ennio Fatuzzo, visit their authors’ Web site: fatuzzobooks.com.

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